Sunday, March 30, 2014

So many of you have been working so hard to help Monica win! Be sure to vote on Tuesday April 1!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Save the Date!

The WRCW will be holding our 
Annual Meeting and Installation of Officers 
for 2014-2015 on Saturday May 10, 2014 
at the Bear Hill Golf Club in Stoneham. 

We're looking forward to a fantastic group of speakers 
and a chance to find out how to get involved 
and support candidates before the 2014 elections. 

Watch your mailbox for an invitation! 

New members and guests are welcome, 
please send a note to 
for more information and to RSVP. 
(Payment is required in advance).

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Spirit of Giving

In this New Year, 2014, the WRCW has a lot to be proud of, a lot to be thankful for, and much more good work to continue.

Our ladies have been working hard, not just to support candidates, but to show members of our military that the folks at home not only care where they are and what they are doing, but are genuinely thankful for their efforts.

In mid-December, members of our club partnered with members of the Winchester Republican Town Committee to send boxes of toiletries and homemade baked goods to a unit of Marines currently stationed in Afghanistan. WRCW member Kathy Valone is also currently leading an effort to purchase and send boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to this same unit of Marines. In addition, as part of our 2013 Christmas dinner, members of our club collected and donated toys for the Marines coordinating Toys for Tots, and also made financial donations to the Toys for Tots of Middlesex and Essex Counties.

In the coming year, we have many political goals and hurdles facing us. We at the WRCW will donate our time, effort and money to accomplish these goals and overcome the hurdles that await us. But in addition to all that we do in the political arena, we will also continue to support our troops both here and abroad. We will show our politicians in Washington and here in Massachusetts that these young men and women are a priority and worth the very best that we have to share.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dusting off...

I've done a lot of thinking, trying to process the results of the December 10th election. Frank Addivinola ran an amazing campaign - he worked so very hard, as did Angelica and all of his team. He got out there and represented each one of us, spoke of bringing fiscal conservatism and of bringing responsibility and accountability to Washington. He fought a good fight, but the liberals (and the progressive socialists) in Massachusetts prevailed this time. 

BUT this time is not every time. And because we are strong women with a long history of accomplishing amazing Republican feats, we will now get back up, dust ourselves off, and move to the next challenge. We'll take on the automatic gas tax bill, the race for Governor of 2014, the race for President in 2016 with gusto. Because that's who we are...

So very proud of all of you who worked so hard, it is my honor to work beside all of the WRCW women, and help these amazing men and women who step forward to do battle in politics in Massachusetts. I very much look forward to our next challenge, the next race, the next WIN.

~ Deb

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Join Us for a Great Evening - October 4, 2013 Cocktail Party at the Griffin Museum


Dear WRCW Members and Friends,

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the new website/blog of the Women’s Republican Club of Winchester. We are so blessed to be part of such a historic and respected club, built by women who believed in taking charge of their political futures and making a difference in the community. As we look forward, I’m anticipating a great year ahead. We will continue using our strong voices and creative minds to help to elect Republican candidates and to encourage women among us to run for office. It is up to us to change the direction of our government and our future! Please join me as we use the amazing technology available to us to share our message, to support local and national Republican candidates, and to do everything in our power to make our country a better place.

Please follow us here, or email us at and share your thoughts!

Best regards,

~ Deb Melkonian
President, WRCW